Minkeyrink Solver 2019.3 has been released. It has better incremental SMTLIB2 support and fixes several defects.


Minkeyrink Solver competed at SMTCOMP2019.


Minkeyrink 2018.1 has been released. It fixes defects in model generation via SMTLIB2.

19-Jul-2017 : SMTCOMP 2017

Minkeyrink solved the most problems in the QF_BV division of SMTCOMP2017.

4-Dec-2016 : Minkeyrink 2016.5

Minkeyrink 2016.5 has been released.

29-Sep-2016 : Development Update

A quick update about the current development version of Minkeyrink. We're speeding up the simplifications that are performed to QF_BV problems before SAT Solving. It's looking good, 2016.5 takes half the time to simplify problems compared to its predecessors.

22-Jun-2012 : PhD

Trevor Hansen has been awarded a PhD, for his dissertation describing contributions to bit-vector and array solving.